I'm just a girl who really loves taking pictures.  I was born and raised in Las Vegas and I am proud to be a native Nevadan.  I believe in family and connections and freezing memories through photos. I have 5 amazing kids and I love being a mother, they are my greatest joy. My children tend to be annoyed with me and my camera, which goes with me everywhere.  I attended BYU for two years and then graduated from UNLV with a degree in Spanish with the plans of being a high school Spanish teacher... still hasn't happened, but who knows? 

I love 90's hip hop, good food, traveling, volleyball, spending time with my family and I have an obsession with learning new things.  I never stop.  I search for meaningful moments and I always take more photos than needed. (Just in case)  I believe in reliving every special moment and embracing the everyday moments.  I believe that photos can tell the story, and I feel great satisfaction in helping others retell their story. Thanks for stopping by! 


A little bit about me. 



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