"Nothing is ever really lost as long as we remember it."

"Because memories make us who we are, let's freeze them in a photo, so we never forget"




I'm Jennie

I have spent the last 12 years photographing special moments in the lives of some of the world's most amazing and beautiful couples. it brings me incredible joy!

i love love.    



High school seniors are some of my favorite  people in the universe!  I have photographed countless seniors for over the past 13 years and my own daughter graduated in 2018.  I pride myself in making senior sessions fun, relaxed and ultra stress free. 

Trust me, I know. Family pictures are kind of the worst. I have heard dad's Say "pure torture." I've said it myself with my own family. But I promise you, if you just do it, you won't regret it. And I promise i will make it as pain free as possible.  



I have spent the last 13 years as a professional photographer, I have learned So much. My biggest regret was thinking I could do everything myself.  I could have learned so much faster if I just asked for advice and help along the way. 

I am offering all that i have learned to you...

What to do, what not to do, how to interact with clients, how to utilize my equipment.  Are you looking to take your photography to the next level? Or are you just looking to figure out how to use your nice camera that is still in the box?

I can help!   


Ut enium ad venium, quis nostra laboris aliquip ex irure.


Ut enium ad venium, quis nostra laboris aliquip ex irure.



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I believe in photos. Lots and lots of photos.  I tell everyone, that no one ever regrets having too many pictures, so just take them! I also believe in family, special moments, and creating memories.  I believe that relationships are sacred and that a photograph should tell a story and the person behind the camera should respect and honor that story.  I believe that photos should be fun, painless, and stress free.   I have no problem making a fool of my self to get the shot, and thanks to my 5 kids, and a somewhat perfectionist personality, I am a master multi-tasker who gets it done.

And... I can bust out a rap like no ones business. Just sayin'.  



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