One that is customized to you?

A design that doesn't look like the yearbook committee made it? (no offense yearbook committee)   

Something different from everyone else? 

Do you want an ORIGINAL senior ad?


jennie slade photography has been designing senior ads for over 12 years.  And we hate to brag, but our designs ARE the favorite of every yearbook... just saying. 

You have come to the right place! 





Get your senior picture taken, it doesn't have to be taken by us, but if it is, you get $25 off an ad of any size. 

Gather up your favorite baby pictures and your least awkward growing up pics...(unless you really liked that stage) Also, gather some family photos, sibling photos and friend photos.  If you don't have it digitally, we can scan it for you. remember, quality over quantity.  

have your mom, or dad, or whoever wants, write some love note's for your page.

message us when you are ready for us to start designing. 

be sure to have the information from your school on size and format.     

Leave the rest to us! 

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Your school yearbook committee or yearbook advisor will have information on size guidelines and deadlines for your Senior Page. Jennie Slade Photography has worked with a number of different schools and we will make sure everything is submitted correctly.  

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