This year’s Christmas Card photo was taken on a whim when Taylor was in town for a couple days. I set up a pink backdrop in the family room gathered clothes from everyones closets, asked my sister to come over and snap some pics with my camera, and we finished in 10 minutes before heading off to church. (The life of a photographer) But it worked, and otherwise we may never have gotten a photo.

We decided on a Magazine theme for the card and randomly came up with a Beatles song for the back because we are on a Beatles kick around here. That’s it. I will say it is our favorite card of all time though.

If you have an idea, or want my help coming up with a unique family photo concept, let me know and we can put our brains together and come up with something grand!

If all of this is just too much for you head on over to Minted and they will hook you up with a great card. ( For 20% off use the code HOLPHOTO71163 .)

Slade Family Christmas Card
Slade Family Christmas Card Beatles Back

Slade Family Christmas Card 2019



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